50 Pieces Stash Patchwork Fabrics Bundle 100% Cotton Plain Fabric Random Color Materials

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Brand Fabric: TERAMILA

Product Name: cotton fabric stash,patchwork fabric bundle

Material: 100% cotton

Designs and colors: mixed at random

Size: 1 piece is 10cmx12cm(+-1cm error)

Usage: thin, perfect for patchwork and other common DIY projects.

Package Content: 50pcs/lot,random design mixed,no repeat designs in 1 lot

Please Kindly Note:

1)This item does not accept design or color selection.Designs and colors are mixed at random. Messages about color or design selection will be ignored.

 2) 50 different designs mixed(same pattern but different color means different designs). If order 2 lot, there will be repeat designs

3)The patterns may be different from the picture, because the stocks sell fast, and patterns will be updated due to stocks. But all are beautiful.

4) when total amount is below 7 USD, send by UNTRACKABLE air mail.

5) when total amount is 7 USD or more, send by trackable air mail.

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